What Makes a Great Label

Not all label designs are created equal

How a custom manufactured label is designed significantly impacts how effective your product performs on the shelf. Below, we will give an overview of how a great designed label can Amplify Your Brand!

Label Design

First things first, in designing your label for your products, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all format that will be perfectly suitable for your brand. Here are some design considerations to keep in mind when creating your eye-catching label for your customers:

Substrate / Material

The substrate (material) you choose sets a tone and restriction for all your design elements.
Clear material showcases the inside of your product, while a solid matte material will hide some of the product inside your container but will offer more graphics and text information on your label.

Clear vs Matte Labels

Also, when choosing a substrate, make sure you know what conditions your label will be exposed to. For example, wine bottles must withstand refrigerators and ice buckets. Sunscreen lotions must be squeezable and resistant to the liquid inside the bottle and also to the hot sun outside. If your products face harsh conditions or climates, consider lamination (below). The quality of laminates ensures your products will have the protection they deserve.

Label Laminating


Textured labels are a hot new trend, and for good reason. Customers love to pick up textured products to touch and feel, which encourages them into buying your product.

Label Textures

Ample Industries can print on a variety of media, including but not limited to:

  • Paper
  • Foil
  • Metalized Paper
  • Clear and White Film
  • Tags
  • Foam
  • Plastics
  • Metallic
  • Varnish & Gold foil Stamp
  • Glossy/ Semi-Glossy
  • Lamination
  • Matte
  • Kraft
  • Tactile
  • BOPP

With all these label materials, you can achieve about any look imaginable!

Size and Shape

Next, which label size will work for your products?
One of the many questions we get asked here at Ample is “What sizes do you have available?” We know it is a challenging step in buying labels. Whether it is round, square, rectangle, oval, or even triangle-shaped; we have over 4,000 different label cutting-dies to choose from. If you already have a size in mind, awesome, we will most likely have something similar.

We also have the option of die-cutting your labels with a laser! Our dual laser cutter is able to cut any shape imaginable quickly and efficiently. Laser finishing machines have provided many of our clients with opportunities in new and existing markets.

Label Roll Sizes


Colors tell a story, a feeling, or information. It directs our eye where to look, what to do, and how to interpret something.

The color wheel is a great tool to use in finding the perfect color combination of hot and cold colors that represent your label brand. Warm colors are known to give energy or a cozy feel, while cooler colors are associated with tranquility or security.

Color Wheel

Choosing a color for your label is significant in what you want your customers to know and feel about your product. Do you want them to feel excited or relaxed when they examine your product? Here is a list of colors that give off psychological emotions.

Red– Love, Passion, Energy, Fear, Heat, Speed, Friendliness, Strength, Power, Anger, Danger, and Warning

– Joy, Bright, Intellect, Happiness, Cheerfulness, Energetic, warm, and Optimism

– Trust, Reliable, Security, Intelligence, Calm, Tranquility, Mentally Soothing, Masculinity, and Cold

 – Comfort, Courage, Food, Shelter, Motivation, Friendliness, Cheapness, Success, and Fun

– Balance, Harmony, Freshness, Money, Life, Healing, Peace, Growth, Health, Earth, Rest, and Envy

– Imagination, Wealth, Mystery, Courage, Spirituality, Luxury, Loyalty, Mystery, and Magic

– Compassion, Romantic, Sweet, Caring, Nurturing, Healthy, Understanding, Playful, Femininity, and Hope

– Confidence, Wealth, Wisdom, Traditional, Charm, Luxury, treasure, friendliness, abundance, Proud, and Prosperity

– Structure, Earth, Outdoors, Security, Protection, Conservative, and Seriousness

– Sophistication, Protection, Dramatic, Control, High Quality, Independence, Classy, High Tech, Mystery, and Death

Pure, Innocence, Peace, Cleanliness, Refreshment, Simplicity, Isolation, Loneliness, Emptiness, and Easy

Try a combination of colors that can have a variety of positive impacts and grabs your customers attention. 
At Ample we print with the 4 color process (CMYK), which provides us to print any color imaginable on any of our label printing presses


An image is worth a thousand words!

Product example

Like colors, graphics effect the overall labels value. Visually appealing graphics attract more customer attention than just a label with text. Also, if designed well, it can reduce the amount of text needed, resulting in a sleeker and more polished label design.

Product Examples


Text Goal

Font choices can either make or break your design. Will it be bold and straight, curly and thin, serif, or Sanserif?

Font Examples

Try to choose a typeface that reflects your product in the right tone. For example, if your product is a BBQ Company, you probably would want a bold font style that reflects strength and endurance. Be careful not to choose a typeface that might become cursive, which won’t give the same effect.

Font Examples

Choosing the right font or font size for your label is critical! We recommend sticking with the larger bolder fonts with Increased spacing between lines to increase readability. Ideally, the text should be above the 6-point font at the very least. For the other relevant information listed, use the 10-point font and up.

Font Example
Font Example

When choosing a font, avoid both overly common and decorative fonts. At most, make sure you only use 2 different typefaces in a design at a time. If you use more than 2, your label will be hard to read, and won’t make the same impact as a 1 to 2-font design, which will look cleaner and well put together.

So, what is your overall goal for your text design? What age or audience are you trying to attract? Professional and traditional, or simple and sleek? If you are looking for a more modern look, try a san-serif font. If you’re looking for a more elegant or formal, we recommend a serif font.


Another thing to consider is being consistent with your choice of typeface themes.

Label Company Brands

Lastly, your choice of typeface theme will be a crucial part of your brand that customers will relate to your product. Over time, your choice of fonts can become a part of your brand as your tagline or logo does.

Now you know what it takes to make a great label! Be proud of your labels!

If you can’t find that perfect label design that really clicks, don’t worry, let us take a look! Our experienced designers are skilled in designing a custom label that will fit your company products!

Let’s get started!

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