Types of Label Materials

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Types of Label Class Materials

Types of Label Class Materials

The number of label class materials available presents many great opportunities for your products. Below, is a list of class materials that have their own set of unique properties. Check them out! But first, what is a label and how is it structured?

What Is A Label Facestock?

All pressure-sensitive labels are composed of multiple parts that make up one label.
They are:

Facestock is the top coat or surface of a label material, which is what you see and where the ink is applied. The Adhesive layer is the sticky part of the label and is what is used to apply to a product container. The Release Coating protects the adhesive from sticking to the the Liner, which is the backing of the label. The combination of these elements are referred to as the Substrate.

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Film labels are made of a polypropylene film material, which is a type of plastic. Thus, making them a durable and flexible type of label class material. The flexibility of film labels allows them to conform and fit the shape of any product container. They are water and tear-resistant and also resistant to oils, UV, and fading. Film labels are a remarkable innovative product with unique benefits that work to your advantage.

Types of Label Class Materials

Lamination Labeling

Lamination is a protective film applied to the surface of your label material after it has n been printed. Therefore, lamination certainly helps to make sure the label is protected for a long period of time.

Types of Label Class Materials

Metalized Labeling

metallized paper is a coated product that has a layer of aluminum with a matte or gloss finish, which grants decorative and protective properties to the product material.

Opaque (a.k.a. Black out Labels)

Opaque labels, also known as blackout labels, cover up part of a label you don’t want to see; for example, content mistakes or outdated information. That is to say, opaque labeling refreshes your label materials. It is quicker (and cheaper) to stick an opaque label over the mistakes than to have your items reprinted.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal labeling is commonly used for shipping labels, receipts, name tags, and event tickets. Direct thermal labels don’t require any: ink, toner, or ribbon, but the label has a heat-activated layer, where an image is formed, by the heat of a print head machine.


Tags are labels without adhesive and are attached by tying or hanging from products. They are a perfect choice for a unique experience for your customers! Tags also give an ample amount of space for information to be on both sides of your custom tag design.

Uncoated & Coated Labels

Uncoated labels do not have a topcoat. So it is easy to write on with any pen or pencil. Use these labels for barcode labeling, water-soluble labeling, and product packaging. Uncoated label examples: Eggshell, Felt, Kraft, or Linen label materials.

Coated labels have a top layer of protection and are resistant to scratches, moisture, and chemicals. This includes semigloss, inkjet, matte, and much more. Coated labels can withstand a variety of environments and will remain intacted for a longer period-of-time

Wine Stock

Wine Stock labels are a cream-colored paper with a laid finish. They are a wet strength paper that has a high resistance to being ruptured or torn when wet. Wine stock labels help wineries ensure their labels stay intact and look their best in and out of the ice.


Stickers are a durable, decorative vinyl material that can stand up to oil and water. They can also be applied anywhere with custom shapes, sizes, and materials that are handed out individually or on a small roll.

How Do Label Finishes Work To Add Durability?

By applying varnish and lamination to your label materials, you can strengthen and stretch out the lifespan of your label material. Even with lamination, however, paper durability won’t be comparable to that of film. But again, the paper material is cheaper of the two, making it a great choice for less forceful conditions getting on your label material. Choosing the right label can present many overwhelming decisions. That is why we have skilled professionals ready to help you sift through these materials.

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