Properly Storing Custom Labels in Heat and Humidity

Summer is here, so it’s time to talk about the impact heat and humidity can have on your product labels.

A label’s primary objective must be to achieve two things. They should convey the right message, and they should stay durable on the substrate for as long as possible without degrading.

When deciding what label material to use on your product, temperature plays an important role. Increasing temperatures cause a set of adhesive-related problems that will likely affect the quality of a label’s bond and durability. As heat increases, adhesives also get softer, resulting in the label’s edges to ripple or peel.

Properly Storing Labels In Summer Heat

Protect labels from THE heat AND HUMIDITY

For temperature-sensitive labels that will be applied to products soon, keep them in a cool, dry place.

Even adhesives designed for warmer environments are susceptible to failure when exposed to extreme conditions. Most pressure-sensitive label adhesives soften as the temperature rises. Even though they provide excellent results on pressure-sensitive applications, adhesives are simply pre-applied glue. Glue that is hot behaves differently than glue that is at room temperature.

Protect your labels from the summer heat by taking these precautions:

Blank Labels

Follow these simple steps if climate-controlled transportation and
storage are not available:

Cold Weather adhesive label Storage

Cold weather and freezer-grade labels are most vulnerable to hot and humid conditions. Take great care to keep your products out of heat and humidity if your products require a cold temperature adhesive. Changing the adhesive on your labels, however, is typically not the best solution when the labels were engineered with a particular application in mind. 

Foods that must be frozen or refrigerated, heavy-weight adhesives, textured surfaces, and other challenging substrates require special attention. In these cases, your label supplier is the best source for special care instructions. 
Reach out to Ample Labels if you’re experiencing heat/humidity problems or need help with special care labels. Even small adjustments in transportation, storage, or handling can make a big difference in the performance of a label. 

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