Prepping Your Business For The Holiday Season

Prepping Your Business For Holiday Season

The Holidays!

Every year, why do we stress ourselves over the holiday season? The holidays are such a magical time with all of our friends and families around. This year with the pandemic, a lot of things have changed, families are not going to be able to get together as usual. Which means more stress right?
Well, people are going back to the basics. Instead of spending the holidays on vacation, they will most likely be spending the holidays at home and sending small gifts to friends and families by mail. This means we have to prepare our
businesses accordingly. 

Prepping Your Business For The Holiday Season

Prepping Your Business For The Holiday Season

1. Stock up on supplies

Having orders is good, but not if you can’t fill the orders with the essentials.
Analyze which supplies are needed and make sure you are all stocked up
with the necessary supplies:

1. Tissue paper
2. Packaging tape
3. Shopping bags
4. Product labels, etc.

Getting things well in advance will save a lot of time and headaches. Some stores and carriers are overwhelmed with significant delays.

(Don’t over exaggerate.)

2. Produce Products Early

Are you going to do a 12 Days of Christmas Sale/Giveaway? It is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the orders flying through on the holiday rush!
Consider pre-producing your products leading up to the big day. Before pre-producing though, check and evaluate your sales in the past years for an estimate.
What is your best product? Do you have a discount on a particular product?

Prepping Your Business For The Holiday Season

Prepping Your Business For The Holiday Season

3. Plan and Organize

Be sure your finances are all in order before the holiday season! Create lists for all of your prepping needs and deadlines.
Use inventory tracking labels with your payment processing and back-of-house tasks.

Barcode on Product

Colored shelf labels can also help direct you and your team to an item quickly and easily.

4. Seasonal Support (If Needed)

Seasonal employees are in high demand during the holidays and are lining up for the opportunity. If you will be open for the holidays, hire early, so you can train your team to be well prepared for the holiday rush.

5. Update Your Website

With most of the major retail stores closing, there will be much more online shopping! So make sure your site is in tip-top shape! This includes rereading your product descriptions, updating images, and double-checking holiday hours and pricing. Also, optimize your site to be mobile-friendly, because more and more people every year are purchasing from their phones rather than on a pc.
Websites with updated info tell costumers your company is active, engaged, and ready to handle their business!

6. Holiday Gift-Wrap Options

Buying, selling, and sending gifts takes time. Offer to wrap your customer’s gifts with gift tags, gift receipts, personalized holiday cards, and to-and-from labels. These are all great to send to your customers for the holidays and increases the bond between you and your customers.

To From Labels

Go a step further and create your very own unique stickers and wrapping paper, that will set your business apart from the rest!

7. Be Active on Social Media

Social Media, let’s face it, is how everyone will be shopping this year. Because of their favorite stores going online and closing in person, there won’t be a whole lot of physical shopping going on. That means you should set up an automatic response on your messenger for your customer’s FAQs so you can focus on producing your products on time. An easy way to add more demand and keep customers informed about out-of-stock items, hours, and more, is if your content is engaging and timely. This will make your customers keep coming back.

8. PROMOTE on Advertising

Vamp-up your advertising spend on Google, Etsy, or Amazon in preparation for the Holidays. It could help build awareness of your brand and products. This will help your business reach the top of a customer’s mind when time to buy.
Delegate Holiday blog posts and or Newsletters. Explain how your business has grown this past year and what you hope to do in the next.
This year, people will start shopping earlier, possibly before Halloween,
so get those sales up soon!

9. Mask Up!

Order your employees some fun holiday masks.
Print face mask required wall and label signage.
Print some new holiday floor markers.

Stack of Masks
Mask Required Label

10. Check Your Storefront Displays

Design large pathways in your stores for your customers to grab-and-go quickly and without any worry of getting too close to another person.

Make sure distancing stickers, holiday discount signs, Navigation arrows, and Sales are clear to the customer for a safe and quick way to shop.

Snowflake Window sign Label

11. After the Holidays

You may want to kick back and close-up shop once December passes. Don’t! There are plenty of people who are still looking for great deals by using the gift cards they received from gifts.
Research has shown sales trail well after January, leaving you plenty of opportunities to sell more labeled products!

Let’s get started!

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