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At Ample Industries, Inc. our team is our family. Innovative, driven, and creative individuals, who give you the best quality label printing around!

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Ample Dave


David Menzies is the founder of Ample Industries.
He started the company in Springfield, MO, in 1968. When he isn’t researching new label making technology, he enjoys golf, movies, and spending time with his wife Nancy, daughters Natalie and Anne, son, Arch, and six grandchildren.


Natalie is Ample’s president.
She began working in the company with her father in high school. After a brief time teaching vocal music, she returned to the company and has been making labels for the past twenty-five years.
Natalie enjoys playing the harp, piano, and guitar and spending time with her husband, Doug, their children, grandson, and two dogs.



Ample’s GM, John Perkins, is always in motion. More than thirty years with the company hasn’t diminished his enthusiasm for making labels. When he’s not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Carmen, two sons, and a new granddaughter.

Ample Doug


Doug has been Ample’s art director since he had hair. He’s witnessed the change from paste-up boards and type-setters to computers and then entirely digital presses. When he isn’t preparing art files for the press, he enjoys painting, hot rods, and spending time with his wife, Natalie, their children and grandson, and two dogs.

Ample Josh


Josh, Ample’s Director of Sales, loves labels more than Flo loves insurance When he isn’t on the road or on the phone, he enjoys hunting with his son, and smoking meat with his wife’s family secret blend of spices. Don’t even bother asking for the recipe.



Rodney grew up at Ample. He began his career in shipping, transitioned to be a press operator, and then began focusing on label sales. Rodney is one of the only salespeople around that can take the order and then print, finish, package, and ship it as well. When he has free time, he loves coaching youth baseball and spending time with his children and their Boxer, Hank.



Ample’s Customer Service Manager, Libby, is the woman with all of the answers. In addition to taking care of our customers, Libby takes care of her coworkers as well. She knows where the keys, Band-Aids, Advil, and office supplies are. She also loves to work in the garden and spend time with her husband, John, their three daughters, and granddaughter. Her daughter, Darby, is also a Customer Service Representative at Ample.


Teresa has been guiding customers through the label purchasing process since 2001. Her technical specialty is in nutraceutical, sauce, and beverage labels. Teresa loves fishing and spending time with her husband, their two daughters, and grandchildren. Her daughter, Torie, is also a customer service representative at Ample!



Torie has been with Ample for ten years and is a wine label specialist. When Torie isn’t working, her life is busy, busy! She and her husband, Ryan, who is an Ample press operator, are looking after their twins. They also enjoy fishing, baseball and are big Kansas City Chiefs fans.



Darby has been a part of the customer service team for nearly two years. As the youngest of three sisters, she loves spending time with her niece and is looking forward to becoming an aunt two more times by the end of the year! Cardinals baseball, KC Chiefs football, crafting, and planning and organizing events keep Darby busy when she isn’t working.



Rhonda is a four year veteran of Ample with a specialty in water bottle labels. You may have seen her crisscrossing Nixa on her bike. When her legs get tired, she loves to fish, read, do needlework, and play with her three grandchildren.



Brian is Ample’s chief estimator and the Fire Chief at Dadeville Rural Fire Protection District. He can estimate label prices, put out fires, and fix anything electrical. If there aren’t any alarms going off, you might find him with his family and grandchildren, tending to his cattle or baling and putting up hay. Brian doesn’t have any free time – but if he does, he sleeps.



Jeremy has been with Ample long enough to have held numerous positions. He started with finishing, and shipping then became a press operator and now is in purchasing. He’s also the unfortunate soul that everyone calls if their printer is out of ink or they can’t get their email.



Shay is another 20+ year veteran. She’s the one who makes sure that the numbers and decimals are in agreement at the end of each month. Shay is happiest on a beach and would like the floor in her office to be covered in sand. A feasibility study is in the works for her request.

Ample Tammy


Tammy has been in charge of accounts payable for eighteen years. She shares an office with Shay, so she is leading the sand floor feasibility study. Tammy likes spending time outdoors with her husband and their dogs, Chloe, Mia, and Boomer.


As Ample’s receptionist, Mamie is the voice of Ample. Some people don’t call to order labels – they call to visit with Mamie! She knows more about the Ozarks folklore than just about anyone, and she should write a book! When she isn’t holding down the fort at Ample, she loves boating at Tablerock Lake, going to rodeos, and hiking in the Ozark hills.