LASER Die Cut Labels and Stickers

CARTES Laser Die-Cutting Machine

Label Die Cutting

Ample Industries Inc., has installed a 2020 CARTES Gemini Series GE362WL2 Label Laser die-cutter machine offering high-performing advanced productivity and features.

We installed a Cartes Laser Die-Cutting machine capable of high cutting accuracy of any labeled shape or material! This die-cutter quickly cuts labels with an invisible dual laser. These invisible lasers make it possible to cleanly cut dark printed labels without the unsightly white edges.

Before the laser machine, we cut labels using a metal die tool (like a cookie cutter). Now, we are able to cut any complicated shape of your labels and stickers without a metal die tool, resulting in increased speed and less setup time.

Equipped with:

  • Self-wound, Cast & Cure, and UV lamination
  • Cold foil
  • Digital finishing for creating high build effects and high build varnishes
  • Dual Laser die-cutting and special processing with automatic job changeover
  • Slitting System

What is Laser Die-Cutting?

The laser die cutting machine process cuts labels shapes with extreme high-speed precision by cutting through materials and stopping just before it can go through the underlying label liner. These high-powered lasers cut intricate shapes and slice different types of materials quickly and effortlessly. 
Some of the common materials that can be cut include:

– Foil
– Paper
– Plastic
– Polyester
– Polypropylene
– Silicone and More
Laser cutting gives your designers complete creative freedom to design any shaped label or sticker for your growing business. If you do not have your own designer, we have a skilled graphic design team ready to help you amplify your brand!

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