Custom Weather-Resistant Labels And Stickers

Custom Weather-Resistant Labels And Stickers

What Is A Weather-Resistant Label and How Does It Work?

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right custom weather-resistant labels and stickers for your outdoor products. 
First of all, outdoor labels help protect against moisture.
They’re also known as decals or stickers and offer a long-lasting, durable alternative to traditional labels like kraft labels. Outdoor labels can withstand harsh elements such as sunlight, rain, humidity, and oil exposure. How does that work? Let us explain.

If you create a custom label order with Ample, not only do you choose the packaging content of your goods, but you also choose from a variety of finishes and materials, depending on the product’s purpose. The use of durable labels is essential when items are frequently sold, stored, and used outdoors. If you choose labels that do not withstand moisture, UV rays, or other outdoor hazards, you could find your branding label fading prematurely.

Benefits of Weather-Resistant Labels

Sunlight Resistant Labels

Resist Fading. 
For example, when things are in the sun too long, the chemical bonds in the dyes and pigments break down, resulting in color degradation. This is called photodegradation.
Although colors fade in the sun, we can greatly extend the life of a label if they are handled correctly. Here are some guidelines:

By printing with the right inks and materials, your labels will last for years to come!

Water-Resistant Labels

To make sure your label remains strong even in moist conditions, you need to take steps to protect it. For instance, the safety information labels on construction equipment helps remind others how to prevent injuries (and is mandated by law). You don’t want your label to end up washing away every time it rains.

In moist environments, synthetic label materials like polypropylene and polyester can withstand weather conditions well. Vinyl is also an excellent addition to labels designed for outdoor use. Don’t forget to apply water-resistance lamination that protects your label content.

At Ample, we will help you choose permanent labels that aren’t affected by moisture and stick well to plastic, metal, and other surfaces.

Temperature Resistant Labels

Surfaces expand and contract as they heat up or cool down, regardless of the material a surface is made of: metal, glass, plastic, or wood.

Indoors, where temperatures are more stable, thermal expansion and contraction may not be as critical. However, outdoor temperatures can fluctuate greatly even within a 24-hour period, especially in Missouri. A challenge with outdoor stickers and labels is that they must stretch with the surface beneath them or the sticker or label may tear, peel, or wrinkle.

Among the most versatile label materials, vinyl is the most flexible, with the ability to stretch and shrink in all directions without cracking or peeling.

Pro Tip: Be sure to inform us where the labels will be applied so we can help you select the best material for the environment, surface, and budget.

Chemical Resistant Labels

Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal, Label-Lyte, and Polyester materials are some of the resistant materials to UV Rays and has excellent resistance to oil, chemical, and abrasion.

Your products and equipment deserve a stunning, high quality, durable label! We can help you design your label to stand up to the daily use in its environment. Call us with your chemical resistant labeling needs!

Weather-Resistant Materials

We offer a large variety of labels that can be printed on laser, inkjet, thermal transfer, and direct thermal printers:

Note, Inkjet Weatherproof Labels may be exposed to the elements but not recommended for saturation or submersion. An additional topcoat may be necessary to protect the ink and prevent it from scratching or running off.

Common Water-Resistant Labeling Applications:

Label Finishing

Lastly, there is more to choosing your label than picking the right material. How the label is finished matters as well, whether it’s a lamination, gloss, or a more natural matte finish. Consider UV outdoor glossy finishes if you will be storing or using your products outdoors. The life of a label will be extended through protection against UV radiation.

With durable label materials and finishing processes, you can tailor your order to meet your brand’s specifications, whether it’s a garden, a bathtub or something in between. Don’t settle for product packaging that won’t stand up to your item’s natural environment.

Labeling Tip: Adhesive

For good label adhesion, you must understand your application surface. Did you know that even the highest-quality durable labels can fail if the adhesive isn’t matched correctly to the surface? This could lead to product failure and wasted resources. 
In order for your label to last for a long time, the surface to which it will be applied will greatly affect its adhesive.

In short, you will need to consider:

  • The surface material the label will be applied to
  • The texture, shape, flexibility, and porosity of the surface?
  • Surface energy, is it high or low?
  • The environment in which the surface is exposed

Note: Be sure to clean and dry the surface of your product thoroughly before label application for the best stick!

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