Custom Mason Jar labels

Custom Labels For Your Mason Jars

Custom Labels For Your Mason Jars

During these strange times, we are all at home, canning our extra fruits and veggies, which has taken off these past few months! This leads the need to label and date our sealed jars for the next few years. So, when we use our jars again, you will instantly see the labels with the  correct labeled contents. Choosing the right material to decorate your mason jars is the fun part! That’s why Ample is here to help! Below are some materials that will work perfectly for the job!

Custom Labels For Your Mason Jars

Clear BOPP

Looking for a clean sleek “No Label” look with excellent clarity? Clear BOPP is your label! This film material has excellent moister resistance and can be die-cut in any shape or size! BOPP is also a versatile and resilient label material available in white, opaque, metallized, or clear.

Water Resistant – To prevent any kitchen messes that might mess up your label.


If you wish to write the dates on your labels with minimum to no smudging, then Matte is the perfect option for you. Be sure to use a Fine point permanent marker for best results. Matte labels are also high in color brightness.

Coated Semigloss

A UV Inkjet substrate giving your label a high quality shine! 
Helping your jars stand out!


Gives a natural look to your mason jars that can symbolize a homemade product. An unbleached brown facestock with excellent strength and durability. Works best with rectangles or slightly curved surfaces because of the stiffness of the material.

Custom Labels For Your Mason Jars

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