Crystal Clear Labels and Stickers

Ample Labels Clear Labels offer a unique and premium look. Perfect for product labels, weddings, and stylish events. 

  • Clear labels let’s your brand shine through

About Clear Labels

BOPP is an abbreviation for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP).

BOPP is one of our most popular film materials. It is great for moisture and oil resistance, and is a favorite of personal care, bath & body, and food & beverage brands. BOPP labels are also tear resistant, non-toxic, and food safe. This plastic-like film offers unbeatable protection and lasting performance so your products stay looking good after use by your customers for weeks or months.


The clear labels are printed with white ink and are UV coated for more abrasion resistance and waterproof durability. Some parts of clear labels can be opaquely printed with white ink, giving you more design flexibility to do something different and memorable.

For a variety of reasons, transparent labels are becoming the go-to finishing for personal and commercial use. They save you money by eliminating the need for complex and expensive pre-printed containers, while making logos and designs more prominent while highlighting the best part – the contents!

THE BENEFITS / Where to use it

BOPP label benefits:

  • Thin material
  • Superior strength
  • Excellent printability
  • Flatness (Conforms well to containers)
  • Low toxicity (food label suitable)
  • Recyclable (No. 5 plastic)
  • Product resistant, oil & water resistant

BOPP label Material Options:

  • White Opaque
  • Clear (for the ‘no label look’)
  • Squeezable (for tubes and other non-rigid applications)

We see people use Clear Labels for many different applications and benefits who want to show off their products inside as well as the health benefits on the label.

Label Features

Common applications for polypropylene and BOPP include:

  • Packaging labels
  • Food containers
  • Medical-grade plastics
  • Laboratory items
  • Performance textiles
  • No Minimums
  • Any Size, Any Shape
  • Clear Vinyl Material
  • CMYK + White Ink

Excellent option for food, beverage, bath, and other products that face wet conditions. Clear labels lets your brand shine through!

  • No Label Look
  • Durable
  • Water and Oil Resistant/Moisture-Resistant
  • Non-Toxic
  • Most Popular
  • Show through the label for a dramatic effect 
  • Suitable for Window Stickers – storefronts and car windows.
  • Indoor Uses
  • Any Custom Shape

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