Ample Industries Certified with GMI

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Ample’s commitment to ongoing process improvement allows us to consistently deliver the best safety and traceability guarantees while offering high-quality packaging.

Ample Certified with GMI

June 2020
Ample Industries Inc., a leading custom label manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels. Has received full certification from GMI (Graphic Measures International). For a packaging supplier evaluation on its digital and flexographic printing presses! GMI is a certified global leader in the quality packaging services of suppliers. GMI establishes brand owner standards while monitoring the print quality of all our presses.

Ample Certified with GMI

About Graphic Measures International:

Graphic Measures International monitors and reports each aspect of a print job that includes: color, paper, cutting, folding, and even toxicity. Also, checks on certifying, monitoring, and measuring the performance of all designated packaging suppliers then give scores based on the data.
GMI creates a consistent label SKU (stock keeping unit) template for companies to follow, so when the products reach the shelves of the distributer, their color and SKUs are as close to each other as possible.

About Ample Industries:

Ample Labels is a leading custom label printing manufacturer providing, Digital, Flexographic, and Packaging labels. Including but not limited to, Food, beverage, household, medical, promotional products, and much more!

About Ample Industries Inc. services
Ample Certified with GMI

As a GMI certified vender, Ample Industries regularly measures color samples on their presses throughout press runs to verify that vendor requirements are met. To ensure compliance with brand standards, GMI certification tests on the four basic color processing – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Black) – which are used for full-color package printing.

By adhering to these tight regulations, Ample Industries Inc. can confidently ensure high-quality label printing with the best color matching within each production run!
The five factors of the GMI certification program evaluation include:

Looking for consistent branding? Well, you are in luck, because with Ample, we are committed to print the exact color matching throughout your printing experience! Being GMI certified demonstrates our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality labels! Whether a customer chooses flexographic or digital label printing, the color on their custom labels will meet the certification requirements.

GMI will be conducting ongoing evaluations to confirm and keep us accountable with all performance standards that are continuously achieved!

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