5 Common Honey Label Materials

Honey Label materials

5 Common Honey Label Materials

Why do You Need Labels on your Honey products?

Honey Labeling is a great way to sweeten your business and grab your customer’s attention from other competitors on the shelves! But before you can start printing your labels, be sure your honey labels abide by state law. You can find your particular honey label information by visiting your Department of Agriculture website.

5 Common Honey Label Materials

Honey Label Ex

What is the best Material for Honey Labels?

Labels set a tone and a feeling about your business. Choose a “sweet” label material that helps explain your product and reflects your business. Our Honey Labels are easily applied to glass or plastic bottles, so your labels need to be made from a flexible and waterproof material to adhere well to your packaged surface. A Vinyl Face stock with permanent adhesive is a great choice.

5 Common Honey Label Materials

Most Popular

Popular. Available in White or Clear

Most Ideal

5 Common Honey Label Materials

SHEETED Honey Labels

Sheeted Honey Labels
Round Sheeted Honey Label Example

Honey Stickers

Honey Sticker Ex.

Packaging, Shipping, or keeping fresh, Ample custom labels are a great way to Amplify Your Honey Brands!

For more information about legal questions, visit the FDA website:
Visit the National Honey Board for nutrition information questions:

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