14 questions to ask yourself before ordering custom labels

Let us be honest, printing labels can be intimidating. It is even harder when you are just getting started and wondering, “where do I begin?” and “How do I know if I covered every aspect of my label order?” Let us start off by saying you are not alone–we are here to help!

At Ample, we make printing custom labels a fun and easy experience. That is why we have put together a Checklist: 14 questions to ask yourself before ordering custom labels. With these questions answered, you should be in good shape when placing your label order.

14 questions to ask yourself before ordering custom labels

1. What's your label budget?

How much are you willing to spend? There are plenty of choices, including colors, label materials, adhesives, protection options, and embellishments that you can incorporate into your label design. Knowing what you want and what you can afford before you start will help your business find creative label solutions that look great, function well, and won’t break the bank.

2. How many labels do you need?

Prices reduce with quantity, as they do with all forms of commercial printing. In general, the fewer labels you order, the higher the cost per label. By taking into account future needs, you can significantly reduce reorder costs.

3. When are they needed?

Since there are several stages between ordering, art proofs, approvals, and production of your labels, the deadline for receiving labels is crucial. To avoid delays between the production of your product and its retail delivery, we strongly encourage our customers to begin the process early. Our turnaround times are usually within 7 to 10 business days. 

4. How many colors do you need?

Selecting the colors of your label is a crucial part of the printing process. You can choose up to 10 colors for your design. Four-color printing, or offset CMYK, is used to print full-color labels. Additionally, spot colors (Pantone), may be added to your project if you choose flexographic or digital offset printing.

5. What are the dimensions of your labels? Do you have a specific shape in mind?

The size and shape of labels have an effect on pricing, particularly when you require a custom shape that will be produced with a new custom die. In addition to having more than 4,000 cutting dies, Ample Labels can accommodate custom shapes and sizes.

6. Do you plan to order the same label again in the future; if so, how often? It may affect how you choose to print.

It’s typically best to print current and future label orders on the same type of printing press to ensure consistency and quality. Your customer service representative can explain the differences between flexographic printing and digital offset printing when you start your order process.

7. What environments will your label encounter?

For any engineering project, this is an important question to keep in mind. Labeling options are available for a variety of environments, including hot, cold, damp, and humid conditions, such as freezers or showers. 

8. What type of containers will your labels be applied to?

The type of label material or adhesive you choose will be influenced by the container type (bottles, tubes, bags, or cardboard boxes). If you have a specific look and feel in mind, let us know. Once you know the type of container and what environment your self-adhesive labels must endure, your options will narrow down to the desired material. 

For instance, some adhesive and material combinations are designed for use on squeezable tubes, others for freezers, and others for rough container surfaces. Having a clear understanding of what you want and need will help us select the best material (such as paper, film, or metalized stock) for your specific container and application.

9. How many label design versions do you need?

Providing your label variations are the same size, you can order as many versions of your label design as you need, all within the same order. By grouping your order and boosting quantities, you should be able to save more money in the long run.

10. Do you have any areas of your label that you would like to highlight with custom decoration?

Depending on your needs and budget, our customer representatives can help you select the right embellishments. By applying special processing such as embossing, foil stamping, and spot varnishing, labels can be accented and brought to life in many different ways.

11. Does your label contain long content or content for multilingual audiences?

There are a few ways you can increase your label real estate if you have too much information to include on your labels. In these situations, extended content or booklet labels, hangtags, and clean release labels may be appropriate.

12. Consider the product and label's life span.

As with environmental exposure, inform your label printer if your labels must hold up to outdoor use or industrial use. Take into account the real-world situations that your labels will face in the long run, including storage, transportation, shelf life, and customer use. These scenarios will help guide you when to order your custom labels.

13. You may be required by government bodies (FDA, USDA, TTB, etc.) to include certain information on your label.

Often, experienced custom label printers are able to spot potential red flags and offer some advice on regulatory compliance. Brand owners are ultimately responsible for staying informed of market demands, so make sure you stay current on the specifications. Several resources are available on our page if you want to get started. There is nothing worse than a product being recalled due to a violation, or worse still, being fined.

14. Application by Hand or Machine? Which roll direction is required if you are applying them by machine?

Machines for label application have differing requirements for roll size, core size, and rewind direction. Unless you have a preference based on your workflow, rewind direction will not matter when hand applying your labels. When hand-applying labels, you may want several smaller rolls that are easier to navigate or distribute among a team of people.

14 questions to ask yourself before ordering custom labels

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